When a loved one has dementia, it can be challenging for the entire family. Dementia causes mood swings and can result in a changing personality or behavior in people already suffering from brain disorders. When a loved one has dementia, the following tips can prove useful for coping. Be Positive with Your Interactions Your attitude […]

When you are diagnosed with epilepsy, you will need to learn how to cope with your condition, obtain a stable support system, and make your environment as safe as possible for the best quality of life. One of the first things you should do is purchase a medical ID dog tag necklace or bracelet from […]

Whether you are running recreationally or competitively, an accident can happen at any moment. Unforeseen dangers such as wild animals, reckless drivers, and medical condition flare-ups could all turn a regular run into a severe emergency. Wearing a medical ID can ensure you have personal identification and all of your medical details available for emergency […]

If you are looking for an easy way to carry all of your medical information, our newly patented Informer Dog Tags are a great option. Recently patented under #D820584, the Informer can be engraved with up to 15 lines (front and back) with your most important medical information. This medical ID dog tag necklace includes […]

Ensuring that medical professionals are aware of medical conditions, allergies, and other pertinent information is essential. Universal Medical Data, your online source for an engraved medical ID, wants to help you better understand these ailments. Epilepsy is one of the conditions that is frequently featured on medical ID bracelets. It is a neurological disorder in […]

When it comes to your back-to-school list, having children with allergies can add some additional items. Ensuring that your child is safe during the school year is essential, whether they have seasonal allergies or food sensitivities. Below are just a few ways to help prepare yourself and your child for the year ahead. Meet with […]

Are you interested in investing in an engraved medical ID bracelet? Here is some of the information you should have included on your bracelet: Your Name – The most basic information you can add to your medical alert bracelet is your name. Having this information on hand allows a first responder to know who you […]

Being diagnosed with diabetes will undoubtedly change your life forever. Your health care provider will be encouraging you to make a variety of lifestyle changes, and you may begin to feel overwhelmed by everything you now need to do and keep track of to stay healthy. Below are a few first steps to take after […]

Though they’re not as common as standard medical ID bracelets, many people are choosing tattoos as their method of displaying their medical condition to those around them. When living with a chronic disease, your safety is almost always on your mind when you’re out and about. By getting a medical alert tattoo, it can offer […]

When you have a medical condition or allergy, you never know where or when something could happen. Instead of your family finding out an accident had occurred through the local news or social media, invest in one of Universal Medical Data’s personalized medical ID bracelets. With a medical ID bracelet, you will be able to […]